Let's Eat Eel Bones! Part 1

Eel Bones contains abundant of Calcium as well as "Bone Marrow" which plays an important role in the hematopoietic tissue - the root of life.
Moreover, what makes it so different from other Calcium components is that it does not raise the calcium concentration in the blood too much.
Generally, it is said that raising the blood Calcium level too high can have a negative effect on the body, but since the calcium component in Eel Bones contains Eel Bone Marrow, the Calcium level in the body is maintained at a normal level and the product can be consumed with a peace of mind.
In addition, it contains a good balance of Protein, Vitamins, Collagen, Chondroitin and other important component of Minerals to the body.
It is said to be a treasure power-house of nutrition.