Traditional Tokyo Style

Tokyo and Osaka adapt different UNAGI cooking cultures as well as how an ell is cut up with a knife. In the Tokyo style, we steam UNAGI meat before roasting it. By doing so, it gives our UNAGI dish the tenderness that you can easily split the skin with your chopsticks, as well as its rich flavor just as if it melts in your mouth. We are proud to introduce this Tokyo style UNAGI to you as a very few of the kind in Singapore.


Grade A5 UNAGIs with blue body skin

In an excellent nurturing condition, the body surface of Japanese UNAGI grows into blue. Such UNAGIs with blue skin are estimated to be less than 10 percent of the whole ell market. Among all hard-to-get cuisines, the tender skin and the elegant flavor will prove you got one. All the UNAGIs we serve have earned the particularly hand-picked A5 rating.

An UNAGI has long been a product that people are threatened to pay the sum for.Even the mindset of many Japanese citizens today remains, as for paying for the uniquely excellent taste of UNAGIs, that more money is worth investing.

Many UNAGI venders purchase living UNAGIs and their chefs do the cutting and the roasting in their restaurants. Such venders end up purchasing a low volume since they only make the deals with UNAGI farming industry just for the volume they need.No wonder the purchasing unit price goes up. Another crucial expense is to employ chefs, that adds up the product price. On the top of that, UNAGI farming does never always gurantee the quality of UNAGIs all year around.

We take this reality seriously and make actions for consumers.

First, Tsukiji Unagi Daioh finds the best young UNAGIs of the year and make deals with each UNAGI farm which offer to us. Among the less than one-year-olds, we make the deal of the top-ranked "Aote New Baby UNAGI”with blue skin. They feature elegant flavor with higher fat content,tenderer small bones and thinner skin, and are accounted only for 10 percent of all farmed UNAGIs.

"UNAGI REVOLUTION!" To make truly delicious ells available anywhere in the world

Lastly, we developed a few-humans cooking operation system. Now we can serve extremely delicious UNAGIs in the best condition possible anytime with less than 10 dollars. We regard it as a revolution for the UNAGI diner industry as well as our mission to introducing our development to the global societies.