Eel Bones are full of great nutrition! Part 1

Eels are a luxury food especially Eel Bones contains a lots of nutrients that are good for you!

Once you know this, you will be convinced that the Eel Bones rather than the eel that provides the most beneficial nutrients!

The Eel Bones contains abundant Calcium as well as "Bone Marrow", a hematopoietic tissue that plays an important role in the root of life.

Moreover, what makes it a critically different from other Calcium components is that it does not raise the Calcium concentration in the blood too high.

Generally, it is said that raising the blood Calcium level too high can have a negative effect on the body, but the Calcium component of Eel Bones contains Bone Marrow which keeps the body Calcium level at a normal level and eliminates the risk of adverse effects in the body.

It is surprising that each 100 g of Eel Bones contains 250 times as much Calcium as milk.
Nevertheless, since it is also rich in Magnesium, which promotes Calcium absorption, it is an excellent food that firmly strengthens our bones.