What is Shin-Ko UNAGI? (Newborn Eels)

What is Shin-ko Unagi? (Newborn Eels)
Farmed Eels should be consumed within a year old. If
it is longer than that, it will grow larger, the flesh will turn harder and tougher. It is called Shin-Ko. There are several rounds of selections for the competition. By taking out all the eels in the pond, sorted
. By size, repeatedly sorting them out again. Finally, only the fastest growing ones are in one group. That is a Shin-Ko Unagi! These are the elites that have survived the fierce competition in the aquaculture farms due to its power.

Since they are still young, the flesh is plump, soft and tender, which is different from regular adult eels. It melts in your mouth and the texture is heavenly.