Tokyo and Osaka Eel Kabayaki are different!

Tokyo-Style Eel Kabayaki
The Tokyo-Style Eel Kabayaki has an open back, you can tell by the both ends of the body are thick and the center is thin.
In addition, since the process of steaming the eel is performed, the flesh is soft and tender, the melts in your mouth texture is the characteristic of Tokyo-Style Eel Kabayaki.

Osaka-Style Eel Kabayaki
The Osaka-Style Eel Kabayaki has an open belly, you can tell by the thin ends and the center is thick.
In addition, Osaka-Style Eel Kabayaki do not go through a steaming process, it takes a long time to grill and the skin is crispy, giving them a firmer texture than Tokyo-Style Eel Kabayaki.